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Rekey Locks

Is it time-sensitive to find a pro to rekey locks in Surrey, British Columbia? Or, do you want some locks rekeyed for the purpose of operating them all with one key?

Whatever your case, contact Locksmith Surrey. In our company, we have expertise with rekeying services and are fully prepared to send out locksmiths to do the job. You just tell us what you have in mind, how fast you want the service, and where to send a Surrey locksmith.

Skilled and well-equipped pros in Surrey rekey locks in a heartbeat

Rekey Locks Surrey

Let us assure you that if you urgently need to book a locksmith to rekey locks, Surrey pros are ready to take action. All you must do is contact our team to share your current concern and get a quote. If you give us the okay to send a pro to your place, be sure that the lock in question will soon be rekeyed and its matching key will be useless. That’s the whole point of rekeying locks, isn’t it? Lock rekey services are about preventing intrusions and break-ins that may happen when the key to a main entry point is stolen or lost.

Is your front door key missing? Did an ex-employee intentionally get the office key when leaving?

Key change is what’s needed on such occasions. Be sure that the locksmiths assigned to rekey locks carry an array of tools and key blanks in the van. They change the pins of the lock and make a new key that will be a perfect fit for the rekeyed lock. That’s more or less the process of having a lock rekeyed. So, if you are having similar key problems and are concerned about the property’s security, why wait? Contact us.

Want one key for several locks? Master key system experts at your service

Locksmiths rekey locks to also create a master key system. That’s when you wish to operate two or more locks – door locks, cabinet locks, etc. – with one key instead of having one key for each lock. The process is the same. The pros change the lock pin configuration so that it will match the new key. And they make the new key then and there. With their van equipped with the necessary tools, key replacement and other products, and all sorts of machines, the pros complete the job on the spot and in the best manner.

Is your case urgent or not? In either case, contact our team. Do so in a hurry if this is an emergency. Specialists in Surrey rekey locks in a heartbeat. Book the service now.